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The Harken Cafe & Bakery in Downtown Charleston

Let's Get Acquainted

Ours is a love story starring two besties, big dreams and an absurd amount of cookie dough.


Founders Cameron Neal & Greer Gilchrist were ride-or-die long before Harken was even a sparkle in their eye. Bonding over scoops of cookie dough and flour fights, the two first connected by helping buddies open a little cafe on a quiet corner of our nation’s capital.

One fine, rainy day, the pair peered over the rims of steaming cappuccinos at their favorite DC hangout and said, “Let’s do it. But our way.”


In 2017, the soul-sisters turned work-wives opened The Harbinger Cafe & Bakery on the skirts of downtown Charleston’s flourishing Wagener Terrace neighborhood. She wasn't an only child for long.


The savory to Harbinger’s sweet, The Harken Cafe & Bakery opened her doors on Queen Street in 2019. With refined sass and European flair, this downtown hideaway serves up nourishing novelty to include a uniquely delicious take on the traditional biscuit. 

The Harken Cafe & Bakery - Pattern
The Harken Cafe & Bakery - Founders Cameron & Greer
Our Team
The Harken Cafe & Bakery - Our Team

Our Team

Inside our four walls, the Harken team is a close-knit bunch of La Marzocco whisperers and snack savants who want to learn your story, encourage an unplugged moment and believe that laughter leads to longevity. 


To us, creating a special space that feels like home for our patrons starts with our staff. We work to create an environment marked by mutual respect where each member is inspired, engaged and empowered. 


If we get this right, we hope to break the revolving-door stigma shadowing food + bev for time invested that will leave you better than it found you and, perhaps, may even lay the groundwork for a culinary career. 


Sound like something you want to be a part of? Learn more about job opportunities with Harken and our sister shop, The Harbinger.  

The Harken Cafe & Bakery - Community

Our Community

Outside our four walls, Harken is all about showing up for and giving back to our beloved Charleston community, namely our underserved neighbors.


Here are just a few of the projects and organizations near and dear to our heart... 


Through hands-on service (we do love rolling up our sleeves and getting dirty), our squad is proud to support, educate interns and give to the Green Heart Project, building garden-based experiential learning projects and school garden programs to educate students, connect people, and cultivate community through growing, eating, and celebrating food. 


Every month, we donate proceeds from the "Spice Girls" sales to the Eliminating Racism Program at the YWCA and candle sales to SC Women’s Rights & Empowerment Network (SC WREN). 


Harken and her sister shop Harbinger also regularly gives to Enough Pie, We Are Family and the Lowcountry Food Bank Drive along with bringing treats to our neighbors at Joseph Floyd Manor each and every week.

To learn more about our community service collaborations or get a cause on our radar, connect with us today. 

Our Community
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